Friday, April 6, 2007

The Icord Balls

The Icord that is made on the machines gets wrapped into balls just like yarn. Actually it is going to be used just like yarn when we put it together. In order to keep count of where we are making them in specific sizes. We can turn two skeins of yarn through the machines with out stressing them. So each of these is a double ball.

We then take five doubles and put them together into a supper ball. The ball pictures is on two doubles put together. The Super ball is about the size of a basket ball. We currently have two Super Balls. We are then going to put 5 Super Balls into a Mega ball. We don't know how big this is yet. I will keep you posted.

And yes everyone that has heard this plan has giggled. What else are we supposed to call them? We will have 4 Mega Balls when we are done. Please Giggle now.


Monday, April 2, 2007

The Yarn

In case you are curious the yarn we are using for The Marley is Patons Canadiana Autumn. As you can see this is very nice rainbow variegated. As with The Judy we stuck with the traditional clown scarf favorite acrylic in a worsted weight.

This is the making of the swatch that we would use to decide which of many choices to use. Yes it is that much fun on the first skein. Not so much on the tenth.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Marley

What is The Marley?

The Marley is the long scarf project for The Steel City Clown Brigade to be finished by 2008. We have been experimenting with icord for the last couple months and decided to make a scarf from it. The Long Scarf is a Clown Prop used for shows. The scarf was named by Ddancer because the icord looks like dread locks.

Starting as of Monday we will be knitting on The Marley at Hive Knitting Every week until we finish the icord.

We will Knit The Marley in one day when we have finished the icrod. Since he is only six stitches across we should be able to knit him in one 24 period.